NEW! TAILOR MADE FACIALS! A revitalising, refreshing facial tailor- made to suit you. It will hydrate your skin leaving it looking glowing and rejuvenated. I use organic, ethically sourced product's from Neal's Yard or Aromatherapy Associates. They will work gently on the skin's five layer's, balancing and restoring the cell's right down to the basal layer. Drift away to the exotic aromas of Frankincense or Wild Rose as I gently cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturise your skin leaving it looking younger, fresher and healthier. Ten minutes of the treatment will incorporate a head massage whilst the face mask is doing it's work. Depending on the length of the Facial booked I can also include an arm and neck or back massage. 


AROMATHERAPY: Aromatherapy is a gentle, therapeutic form of massage using essential oils derived from plants. After a short medical consultation I will choose a blend of oils that will match the individual needs of the client. Aromatherapy is beneficial for a wide range of conditions both physical and emotional.These include painful limbs, muscles,and joints, respiratory complaints, digestive disorders, high blood pressure, poor circulation, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

An aromatherapy massage will restore your energy levels , improve circulation, detox your body, improve lymph drainage, relieve aches and pain, boost your immune system and improve skin and hair condition.

It is best to avoid eating a heavy meal or drinking alcohol before or after a massage.It is also advisable to have your massage on a day when you can relax afterwards in order to absorb the full benefits of the treatment. Leave your cares at the door and drift off to the scent of jasmine, ylang ylang or lemongrass with an aromatherapy massage that will relax and uplift you in mind, body and spirit.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE: This is a slower form of massage using deeper, more concentrated pressure to reach the sub layers of muscle and fascia below the surface and release chronic held tension within those muscles. Muscles are stretched, kneaded and realigned and chronic adhesions or tight bands of muscle are broken down in order to resume free blood circulation and flow of oxygen to the muscles. Toxins are released during the massage and flexibility of joints improved. You may feel some discomfort during the massage deeper pressure is applied but I will adjust the pressure to suit you. The treatment is carried out using a base oil such as almond, soya or wheatgerm oil which are all good for the skin. You can choose to have an hours full body massage or for me to concentrate on the back, neck and shoulder areas.

Deep tissue massage is beneficial to a wide range of conditions such as back, neck or shoulder pain, restricted movement, sciatica, tightness in the leg muscles, sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome or oesteo arthritis. Avoid alcohol and eating a heavy meal before and after a massage.Drink plenty of water afterwards and ideally take time out to relax that day.


This is similar to the massage described above but using a medium rather than deep pressure. It can be full body , or back, neck , head and shoulders.

REFLEXOLOGY: This is a deeply relaxing treatment which involves massaging certain areas of the feet to clear energy channels in the body. The soles of the feet contain a number of reflexes and zones that correspond and connect with organs, glands or nerves in the body. Working on these pressure points can help with diagnosing ailments as well as alleviating symptoms . It is especially effective for relief of back pain, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, digestive disorders, stress and tension, fertility problems, hormone imbalances,asthma, insomnia and depression. It soothes nerve endings, boosts the immune system and increases blood flow. It can also release emotional blockages.

Reflexology originated in China about 5000 years ago and has been recognised as beneficial in Western society in more recent years. The more I have worked with client's over the years the more evidence I find to re affirm that the reflexes in our feet are connected to certain organs in our body and that the treatment can stimulate a re balancing of our bodies energies.We so often neglect ourselves and our feet and this treatment will give you the TLC you and they deserve!



This is a deeply relaxing treatment that is based on the Ayurdevic principles of healing mind, body and spirit through massage and by balancing the chakras. It originated thousands of years ago in India and has been adapted over the years to the sequence used by practitioners today. It focuses on the head, neck, face, shoulders ,arms and back. A variety of massage techniques are used to release tension and stiffness in muscles and joints in these areas. As well as relieving stress Indian head massage is good for lowering blood pressure, increasing circulation and flow of oxygen to the brain , scalp and muscles, increased lymphatic drainage, balancing the chakras and stimulating the release of endorphines. It can help with depression, insomnia, anxiety, headaches, poor concentration, and with releasing emotional blockages. It can be carried out fully clothed, with or without oil. The treatment lasts about 45 minutes and is performed seated on a chair.


This treatment derived from native American Indian tradition involves the placing of hot basalt stones onto the body in order for the heat to penetrate the deeper layers of muscle. Hot stones are also incorporated into the massage as extensions of the therapists hands so that the heat can improve circulation, lymph drainage, and release locked tension in the muscles. More pressure can be applied to trigger points or problem areas if  required.Cold stones can be used as well.  

This treatment is deeply relaxing and can help with a variety of conditions such as joint and muscle pain, back ache, fibromalgia, anxiety, depression, insomnia and releasing emotional blockages stored in the body.  It will detox the body , restore energy levels and tone muscle and skin condition. The treatment lasts an hour for back, neck and shoulders or 90 minutes for a full body treatment.


This is evolved from the ancient Chinese technique of "Amna" which means press and rub. It involves the the gentle stimulation of numerous acupressure points along the body's meridians or energy lines. It is carried out fully clothed and seated in a massage chair. Stimulation of these points helps rebalance the body's energy and boost the circulatory system, soothe the nervous system and release tension in the muscular system.

It is beneficial in helping a range of conditions such as back, neck and shoulder ache, migraines, sinusitis, digestive problems, insomnia, stress related conditions, irritability, IBS, high blood pressure, regulaing pulse rate and fatigue. The treatment lasts about 30 minutes and clients will feel re energised afterwards.

As with all holistic therapies regular treatments will help prevent illness by boosting the immune system and by treating the whole of the person .